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Electric vehicles are at the cutting edge of automotive technology. Aichi Machine Industry cooperates with customers from the planning stage of generator engines and reducers, assisting in design, testing and production.

Mechanism of powertrains for electric vehicles

EV reducer

This reducer supports the Intelligent Mobility of Nissan. Through technology for high-precision finishing of gear tooth surfaces, the reducer achieves high efficiency while reducing noise. The reducer supports the unparalleled quietness and innovative driving feeling of the Nissan LEAF.

What is a reducer?

A reducer adjusts the number of revolutions by the motor and conveys those revolutions to the tires (drive shaft). The function of the reducer is equivalent to a conventional transmission.

Generator engine for e-POWER

This generator engine is used in EVs which run using only a motor and independently-generated power (e-POWER), as opposed to EVs which are charged from an external source. The HR12DE 3-cylinder engine realizes top-class fuel efficiency through optimized engine control and the use of a high compression ratio, Miller cycle, and motorized water pump.

What is a Miller cycle?

A thermodynamic cycle which controls knocking and reduces pump loss by closing the intake valve more quickly or slowly than normal.

Multiplier/Reducer for e-POWER

This gear box inherits the DNA of EV reducers to support e-POWER, a completely new innovation in EVs. The compact and high-efficiency gear box adds a power-generating multiplier to the reducer which supports motor drive.

Through combination with a generator engine, this technology balances a new feeling of enjoyment in driving and outstanding fuel efficiency.